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Extended Reading

F.1 Topic 2 'Ancient Greek civilization: Society'
F.1 Topic 2 'Ancient Roman civilization: Society'
F.2 Topic 5 'The Society of Jesus'
F.2 Topic 6 'Voyages of Discovery: Main discoveries in navigation'
F.3 Topic 9 'Germany before WWI: From continental politics to world politics'
F.3 Topic 9 'Ideal versus reality: Germany's Schlieffen Plan'
F.3 Topic 9 'Rise of a superpower: From the Russian Empire to the Soviet Union'
F.3 Topic 9 'The collective security system: A multifaceted peacekeeping attempt'
F.3 Topic 10 'American-Soviet communication: The Moscow-Washington hotline'
F.3 Topic 10 'A Divided Peninsula: North and South Korea'
F.3 Topic 10 'Terrorism: A critical global threat'
F.3 Topic 10 'Life in Eastern Europe during the Cold War'