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Sumerian ziggurat (Topic 1 p.30)
Oracle inscription (Topic 1 p.64)
Acropolis of Athens (Topic 2 p.111)
Plague doctors (Topic 2 p.145)
Great Mosque of Mecca (Topic 3 p.161)
Mona Lisa (Topic 5 p.13)
The Vitruvian Man (Topic 5 p.15)
Sistine Chapel’s ceiling (Topic 5 p.17)
St. Peter’s Basilica (Topic 5 p.20)
Milan Cathedral (Topic 5 p.21)
The car of Sarajevo Incident (Topic 9 p.16-17)
German Heinkel He-111 bomber (Topic 9 p.70-71)
The Death Gate of Auschwitz II (Topic 9 p.84-85)