3D 模型網頁指引User guide of the 3D Model web page

1. 界面簡介 1. Layout introduction

1 按此直接在瀏覽器上觀看模型。 Click here to view the model from web browser directly.
2 按此進入 AR 模式。 Click here to enter AR mode.
註: Note: 這功能只適用於平板電腦及智能電話。 This function is only supported on tablets and smartphones.
iPhone 或 iPad: iPhone or iPad:
  • 裝置已安裝 iOS 12 或以上;及
  • 使用 Safari 瀏覽器。
  • the devices installed with iOS 12 or above; and
  • viewing with Safari web browser.
Android: Android:
  • 裝置已安裝最新版本的「Google Play 服務 - AR 適用」;
  • 按此查閱「如何透過 Google Play 服務 (AR) 體驗 AR」;
  • 如裝置能成功載入模型,點按「在您的空間中查看」以切換至 AR 觀看模式。
  • the devices installed with the latest version of ‘Google Play Services for AR’;
  • click here to know more about ‘Experience AR with Google Play Services for AR’;
  • after loading the model, click ‘View in your space’ to switch to AR viewing mode.
2. 使用 AR 模式 2. Using AR mode

以下是使用 iPad 觀看 AR 模式的示範:

The following demonstration of AR mode is made by using iPad:

(1) 按此進入 AR 模式。

(1) Click here to enter AR mode.

(2) 點按「AR」以切換至 AR 觀看模式。

(2) Click ‘AR’ to switch to AR viewing mode.

(3) 依屏幕所示,左右移動 iPhone 或 iPad 以讓裝置檢測到水平表面。

(3) Follow the instruction on the screen, move the iPhone or iPad to left or right to let it detect a horizontal surface.

(4) 可在桌面或地面上放上一張白紙,讓裝置更易檢測到水平表面。

(4) You may put a white paper on the table or floor, to make it easier for the device to detect the horizontal surface.



(5) 如成功顯示該模型,可使用以上手勢放大或轉動。

(5) After the model is loaded, you can zoom or rotate it with above gestures.

(6) 如未能成功載入模型(例如出現以上畫面),請重新載入頁面再嘗試。

(6) If the model cannot be loaded (such as showing the above screen), please refresh the web page and try again.

3. 下載立體打印模型 3. Downloading models for 3D printer

1 按此下載可供立體打印機使用的檔案。檔案或以 ZIP 形式儲存,僅支援桌面或手提電腦。 Click here to download the model(s) for 3D printer. The file(s) may be saved in ZIP format, that can be viewed with desktop or laptop computers only.
2 學校可參考有關模型的建議參考設定。 School may refer to the suggested printing settings of the model(s).