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Case Studies

Chapter 15 Measurement of Economic Performance (I)
FHKI revises HK's GDP growth downwards by 0.5%
Drastic fall in Chinese tourists to South Korea
Economic growth in the U.S.
Chapter 16 Measurement of Economic Performance (II)
Value of unpaid household services in United Kingdom estimated at £1.24 trillion
GNI increase in second quarter over previous year
Hi-tech industries spur Shenzhen above GDP target
Chapter 17 Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply
A series of new policies are introduced
Retail industry in Hong Kong
Chapter 18 Determination of Output and Price
Hong Kong government is a miser for a decade?
China ends one-child policy and allows all couples to have two children
Universities sponsored to set up R&D businesses
Hong Kong startup develops a new battery technology
Population change in Hong Kong
Hong Kong government raising social security payments
Hong Kong strives to attract talents
Chapter 19 Money and Banking
Li Ka-shing teams up with Jack Ma to operate AlipayHK
Bitcoin ATMs launched in Hong Kong
Chapter 20 Money Supply and Money Demand
e-Cheque Launched
Virtual banks in Hong Kong
Contactless payments will be available for hundreds of taxis in Hong Kong