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Chapter 6
Practical 6.1 Test for vitamin C using DCPIP solution
Practical 6.2 Investigation of the food substances present in common foodstuffs
Practical 6.3 Designing an investigation to compare the amount of vitamin C in different fruits and vegetables
Chapter 7
Examination of the digestive system of a human torso
Practical 7.1 Examination of the alimentary canal and its associated glands of a dissected mammal
Practical 7.2 Investigation of the action of amylase on starch
Practical 7.3 Investigation of the action of protease on egg white
Practical 7.4 Investigation of the effect of bile salts on oil
Practical 7.5 Simulation of digestion and absorption in the small intestine using dialysis tubing
Chapter 8
Practical 8.1 Examination of the breathing system of a dissected rat
Practical 8.2 Examination of the pig lungs
Practical 8.3 Examination of the structure of air sacs
Practical 8.4 Comparison of the oxygen content of inhaled air and exhaled air
Practical 8.5 Comparison of the carbon dioxide content of inhaled air and exhaled air
Bell jar model
Chapter 9
Practical 9.1 Examination of a blood smear
Observing the blood flow in veins
Practical 9.2 Examination of the transverse sections of an artery and a vein
Practical 9.3 Examination of the capillary blood flow in a fish's tail fin
Practical 9.4 Dissection and examination of a pig heart